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A cross-over from art to product.

Jupiter is made with gold-finished circuit boards, although you wouldnt know if from looking at them. The interior of the spheres are gold-plated copper with a matte black exterior. Each fixture is made up of hundreds of individual circuit boards, fastened together with brass barrel screws. All the lights are on the interior surface creating a golden interior space.

Spheres are just the beginning. Jupiter is the first product designed using Krugman Studio's proprietary system for connecting circuits boards to one another. Circuit board struts with different lengths and thicknesses allow for the creation of an unlimited number of forms and fixture designs. Soon, JKS will make a big enough one to climb inside. Also on the to-do-with-Jupiter list is a room-sized Jupiter dome. We can't wait!

Jupiter is an award winning design - Editor's Choice Award for Best Decorative Lighting at ICFF. Also featured on:

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Tech Specs and Ordering

Jupiter comes in three different sizes, 18", 24" and 33.6".

The 33.6" diameter sphere has over 1,200 LEDs on its interior. We love how it looks in a very dark room, when its just barely on. The LEDs are 90+ CRI meaning their light makes objects around them appear natural in their reflected light. The color temperature of the LEDs is 3,000K.

Jupiter is dimmable with a standard incandescent wall-dimmer. The fixture includes a transformer and a ceiling canopy available in brass, black or white finishes. Canopy dimensions are 1.5" tall and 7" round and comes with hardware for mounting over a standard 3" octagon junction box.

Download a Cut Sheet Here

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