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Modeled after the design of the rotating fluorescents used in Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's piece, "Homographies", I built this rotating light assembly for artist, Gretchen Skogerson. It is controllable via a custom-built web interface. An Arduino microcontroller receives messages from an IP connection, and sends signals to a motor controller board. It uses a stepper motor, chain drive and a mercury cored rotating electrical connector. ---- More info.

rotater 2
Fluorescent Clock Proposal
convention center

Fluorescent Clock is a permanent installation proposed for the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia. The clock was developed as a proposal for the InLight Richmond lighting festival run by 1708 Gallery. It would feature 3 rotating fluorescent tubes mounted vertically within the building's foyer. The 3 tubes vary in size from 2 feet, for the seconds, to 8 feet for the hours. Visible from a great distance at night, the clock's moving fluorescent hands would add an electric energy to the convention center's facade. The original rotating fluorescent prototype was developed as a commission for artist, Gretchen Skogerson.

rotater clock
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