Jason Krugman Studio



Client: Holland America
Architect: Tihany Design
Completion: March 2016
Art Consultant: ArtLink

In March 2016, Krugman Studio designed, fabricated and installed a 21-ft tall spiraling brass light sculpture for the Konigsdamm, a new luxury cruiseliner by Holland America.

The sculpture was built in two separate sections in Brooklyn and shipped to Italy for installation on board the ship. Titled, Quad Helix, the artwork incorporates parabolic curves and dozens of custom LED light elements. It runs on low-voltage DC and consumes under 200 watts of electricity.

To create the sculptures intricately twisting structure, the team heated brass tubing to over 1000 degrees F with oxyacetylene torches, and used gravity, heat and water to control its movement and ductility. A set of custom bending jigs were created to slump and pull the brass tubing into its final spiraling paths.

Krugman Studio: Jason Krugman (artist), Auriel Rickard (fabricator), Andrew Martinez (fabricator), Chris Zack (fabricator), Yevgeny Koramblyum (3D design)
Architectural Metal: DCM Fabrication (aluminum plate mounting brackets)


Finished view of the upper half of the sculpture with rendering below.

quadHelix render1
quadHelix render 2

Rendering of the completed sculpture.


Looking upwards through the 21-ft height of the sculpture. The central radial geometry compounds to draw the view upwards.


7-ft diameter powder-coated aluminum mounting plate with wiring chasing through custom hardware at the top.


Ceiling detail showing sleeved flanges and with slight reveals to allow for the deformation of the ship and to dampen vibration.

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