Firefly 870 LED Prototype

The Firefly Wind Light System revolves around a proprietary switch for sensing the wind. Picture an electrified wind chime; as the wind blows the metal chime into contact with the metal gong, it closes a circuit. Firefly's LED/switch pairs do the same thing, except on a much smaller scale. When the wind blows on their pendulum switch, they light up.

Firefly 870 LED Protoype pairs 870 wind switches with 870 super-bright white LEDs to form an 8' x 8' grid. As the wind blows over the piece, the wind switches turn on each LED individually, triggering bursts of bright light in response to the wind.

Conceptually, this project developed out of an idea to create a modular system that does not rely on a central decision making hub, such as a computer. Instead, its modular design takes in data through its many nodes, allowing for extremely accurate and responsive output based on their immediate environments.

Wind is one of the few natural phenomena that can penetrate the dense urban environment. However, we can't see it because it needs a media to propagate through. The city, constructed of glass, steel and concrete, is intentionally rigid, not allowing nature to affect it. By purposefully adding a physical media for the wind to affect, we can make it a prominently visible feature of the urban environment, bringing natural beauty into the densest urban thicket.

Firefly 870 is a prototype designed for indoor use. A weather proof, outdoor system is currently under development.

A single LED/switch pair
Power and ground connections
A moment after fanning
Reacting to wind