Jason Krugman Studio

Organic Electric is a body of artwork that uses the Light Emitting Diode (LED) as a sculptural medium. The initial exploration and concept, now greatly expanded, arose from the general rule of only using through-hole LEDs and solder as mediums. Using a specialized jig, hundreds and then thousands of white LEDs are soldered together to form an illuminated wire mesh. By carefully arranging the electrical layout, the mesh conducts electricity to allow for the LEDs to be powered on. It is then manipulated and contorted into 3-dimensional forms.

The Organic Electric project is based on experiments arranging electricity and materials in two and three dimenaional space. I am using LEDs to create a new artistic medium. By limiting myself to using only the LED and its wire legs as a base medium, I have created an artistic territory that I am presently exploring. The works have developed around this emerging vocabulary and its underlying geometries. It is both amazing and not surprising that the resulting forms have begun to mirror nature at its most basic level. Ultimately, my goal is to utilize the beauty and function of this electronic medium so that it parallels nature in its efficient design.


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