Jason Krugman Studio
video by Omorphy Photos

Client: Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP)
Architect: Gensler Architects
Completion: August 2012

Jason Krugman Studio was commissioned to create a responsive LED artwork to add a sense of energy and movement to the main lobby of the MSPP's new campus at 1 Wells Ave in Newton, Massachusetts. Spanning the first floor to the ceiling 26 feet above, Modal Field responds to the building's inhabitants on the first and second floors. Its suspended array of tubular LED pixels use passive infrared sensors to detect motion and respond with cascading patterns of blue and white light. The artwork's ambient interactivity adds a subtle sense of energy and sentience to the building's main foyer.

With the goal of creating a visually compelling LED light wall, the resulting artwork uses a system of tightened steel cables and micro-controlled LED light sources. Modal Field's subtle responsiveness fosters a connectedness between the building's users, its physical space and its environmental systems. It is at once light-weight, cost effective and devoid of any planar material support. Its ambient interactivity extends over a large physical space (9 x 26 feet) and can be observed from 360 degrees on both floors.

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