Jason Krugman Studio


Photo by Lindsay McAleavy


Eccentric Symmetry is Jason Krugman's temporary exhibition at ER Butler located at 55 Prince St in Manhattan. The show highlights Krugman's existing line of LED mesh artworks and is complemented by two new systems: one incorporating drinking straws, the other a unique geometry allowing large networks of printed circuit boards to be connected without wires.

The open hours of the showroom are from 9-5pm Monday through Friday. However, the artworks are fully viewable from the street and get increasingly bold in appearance as the natural light gives way to dusk.

One diode at a time, Jason Krugman Studio hand-solders thousands of LEDs into an electrically conducting mesh. Using a series of jigs, the mesh is created flat and then sculpted into form. The sculptures are powered with low-voltage DC electricity and are made from non-insulated wire. While they wont shock you if you touch them, they are very fragile.

Krugman takes inspiration from plants and small sea creatures. Pairing away everything but the current carrying wires and the lights, the artworks use the means of delivering electricity as a mechanical support. This creates a set of rules which help to frame these sculptural explorations. In many ways, the artwork is what it does.

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half twist


half twist
half twist
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