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Deepstaria is made from a single sheet of hand-soldered warm-white LEDs. Soldered into a mesh and sculpted into form, the artwork references deep sea life. The piece is devoid of explicit content, still but draws visual parallels to naturally occurring structures based on the spatial relationship of opposing electrical conductors.

Krugman Studios Organic Electric LED mesh design optimizes the arrangement of electricity in three dimensional space, creating a fine array of lights floating in space with minimal support. Each LED has a sharp-focused lens, creating highlights as one moves around the artwork. Deepstaria can be made in a variety of LED colors, but does not change color (the diodes are single color). Approximate dimensions are 3ft x 3ft x 6ft. Approximate weight is 2lbs. Approximate wattage is less than 10 watts at full brightness.

Photo by Haley Allen
Photo by Sigal Ben-David
Photo by Leonid Kanin

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